Saturday, November 5, 2011

m&ms #4: Stolen Idea? Time to move on...

I was super excited about an idea, yet I kept it to myself. I was afraid that someone would steal it :), so naive you say? :D. I’ve been through a number of startups now, and I’ve learned that if anyone can execute on the idea better than I do, then let him/her have it :). This is not the lesson I’m trying to share with you, however, you should talk to people and get feedback. I’ve disclosed nearly every idea I have, well almost. I have a bunch of other ideas, however, one of them was stolen by a company in Jordan, and another one was proposed to a team of developers to be built here in Palestine by one of my angel investors! Did that hurt me? Not at all, actually it made me feel good. Knowing that people are trying to steal my ideas means that I have a good ideas, worth being stolen :D.
“Circle of trust, every entrepreneur should have one, where he/she can bounce ideas, get rapid and quick feedback, especially from people in the field”

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