Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My LifeStory @ Timevel

LifeStory is a list of events, very spacial ones that were captured by photos somewhere on the planet. You don't create a LifeStory, it is just there as a result of your collaboration using Timevel's new social dimensions.

This is not a slide show, neither a list of photos. It is a LifeStory, generated as a result of my collaboration and socialization on Timevel, and it is pretty social and cool. I login to Timevel using my Facebook credentials, no registration process needed, and there I'm standing in a Time Machine :-).

In Timevel I can really (but not literary ;-)) travel over time, travel to locations where I used to hangout, study, live or even visited, and experience being there for the second time.

The experience of Time Travel is provided thorough photos added by other users, and who knows, you might see your self in the past. If you do, please tag your self in that photo, process may take sometime as the owner of the photo should approve your tag, but once approved, you are there my friend. Not just that, you become a part of a moment, people and things tagged in that specific photo in LifeStory. So I hope you will find a photo of you with a celebrity, that might be worth money!

LifeStory is dynamic, meaning as you add more photos, tags, and comments to Timevel, it will be reflected there, and you might become famous with more than 1000 in your LifeStory.

Here is another interesting LifeStory for Jerusalem

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