Wednesday, February 24, 2010

iRun, Bringing health and knowledge in one workout!

"i" in iRun stands for Information, and the iRun all together describes the fact that you can earn information and gain knowledge as well as health while running, simply by using nike+, iPod, and audible.

iRun is not a trade mark or a new trend, it is just a very simple description of the process of running and gaining knowledge at the same time. 

Social workouts is a social enabled workout! It seems everything is becoming social enabled nowadays! Nike+iPod sport kit helps you achieve just that. A small device, integrated with iPod (or watch), will record the distance and pace of walk and run. Then using spacial software or iTunes to sync that data with NikePlus user account, which in turn processes and presents it to the user as achievements using colors, bars and charts, and save it online for the user to use, challenge and then socialize and collaborate around them.

My workouts for a number of days, showing my accomplishment and my workout records. I'm orange now, meaning that i reached the second level. I can share this information, and use it to analyze my overall training.

Collectively, nikeplus users ran around 313,734,370 kilometers as recorded on, and it's increasing each second. 

iPod and the nike+ application installed on your iPod touch for example, allow you to pick which playlist you want to listen to while running. For me, I use the watch and leave the iPod unattached so I can easily shut it down or change the songs or playlist while not pausing or restarting the workout. 

Audible added a new dimension to this, now user can listen to books and other audio content while running. During the last period, I completed around three books while running. Running records, sharing the running experience with others, and listening to books was, in my opinion, worth sharing, and an extraordinary experience. For busy people such as myself, people with a very limited time to read books, this is really an amazing opportunity for them to maintain a good shape, health and at the same time read (listen) more. 

Audible specializes in spoken experience, providing digital audio editions of books, newspapers and magazines, original programming and TV and radio subscription. These are a wide range of options to consider while you are running. 

iRun introduces a new parameter to running experience that is worth tracking and sharing. Instead of just recording which tracks or playlist the user is listening to while running, they can now also track and share which book they are listening to. Users can also start competing on the number of chapters they completed in addition to the number of km they ran. 

Not all audio content is perfect for such experience, however, most of them are at least the ones picked by audible. Users can also share and argue about which books or audio content is better for running than others.