Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just bought my new MacBook!

For a long time I was struggling with MS, starting from DOS, passing by Windows 98, XP (which by the way is the most stable MS operating system I used), and then Vista. Switching to Ubuntu 8.04 was a nice move, or it sounded like that back then! Working with Linux was a totally new experience for me. As a software engineer, I found it very promising, and full of services and packages that enable a new level for engineers, and makes life sound different, not necessarily easier or harder, but just different, positively for sure :-). And that hold true also for fedora, susie, redhat, debian, etc ... however I used Ubuntu for my laptop for quite some time.

Usability was impressing, as an open technology, and open source with community support to some extent, Ubuntu, or Linux in general do quite very well, however I faced some major problems with mobility. I guess it was a bug with ubuntu and my wireless adapter :-(, which ended very badly by me kicking my laptop over my desk. Sad ending I know, but hey look at the bright side :-), I bought my brand new MacBook! I picked MacBook not MacBook pro because it's lighter and smaller and it fits my needs very well, but this is what I said when I first got Ubuntu! So lets wait and see.

For now, I'm using my MacBook for everything. It's smooth, animations are very light and nice, usability ... incredibly usable! It's so wonderful, and that's brings the question: whether online desktops can bring this kind of user experience to users! I think we are so far from that point! Because of many reasons, mainly the bandwidth, the browsers computability dilemma, browsers are not strong, and cant accommodate this kind of user experience right now. Javascript and DHTML are good, but not good enough. Maybe flash is better in terms of animation, however, it doesn't come close to what desktops can provide in term of usability backed with nice and sensible animations! Even thought, the battle exist between hosted and local computing environment, and most vendors recognize this and started moving their user's online. Either their data, or data and computing. Google, for example, promote this strongly through their application set, which make your life much more easier. Again Local Vs Hosted, Browser Vs Web application This is a subject of another post, but to clarify it a little bit: Local Vs Hosted is whether user's will move online with all of their computing environment, including all applications or not, this is not easy to answer. As you know, bringing such as MacBook (I keep saying MacBook not the OS because Apple deliver it all together as one package: so i think the keyboard, screen, mouse and everything else are part of the product :-)). The second part which is browser vs singleton web application (single browser instance) is based on the concept of "using Internet as a platform", and there are two flavors: browser, which uses the browser as the main window to the internet providing all the functionality using it, and the second flavor is the singleton web application, using a single/one instance of the browser: on instance of the browser, something like ( which uses one instance of the browser, and present the user with desktop like environment where, as promised, all the user daily computing activities took place.

Moving from my old laptop to my new MacBook was smooth, mostly because I'm Hosted :-). I mean everything I use is mostly out there, except from some stuff that I moved to my new MacBook very easily. Being hosted help me not just have my data stored and backed up all the time, but also allows me to manage versions, control sharing with out having a 100 of copies spread all my colleagues computers! I remember once I had to create a sheet to track changes to over 30 other documents, and guess what? I ended up creating sheets that track the sheet for tracking the documents.


  1. I saw your tweets many times mentioning Macs, so decided to dig if you are a new switcher or inteneding to switch!!

    Finally find the post!!

    I have switched to Mac before 8 months, and so far i find it a really good experience.

    I do Java development on Eclipse, and honestly find it much better than XP, and as u said, the usability is amazing

    Thanks for the great post.

  2. Hey mohd
    Sorry i missed your comment, but it seems you find what u were looking for. You are welcome.

  3. I am a new switcher too ... i have the polycarbonate white Macbook and it is a great experience!