Saturday, October 25, 2008

Javascript Benchmarking

There is a lot of javascript libraries out there, providing an abstract level on top of the browser compatibility issues/problems, while at the same time, it provides some cool functionalities, like forms, bottoms, grids, and many others.

The only problem we all face is the old/new question: which one of these should we use: and the answer, as always: it depends on your specific business needs.

But in most cases, developers are looking for a wildly accepted framework which is rich with components. Developers hates frameworks that provides lot of control over the developers (at least I do). Developers needs some sort of flexibility and space where they can extends the framework to provide some business specific functionalities!

Performance is another good factor also, testability is also important, and many others. For that we crated a new group called Javascript Benchmarking to discuss this topic and maybe help each others in evaluating javascript libraries available in the market either by researching a common requirement, or by posting/sharing some experience in one of the listed frameworks.

We've also created a publicly viewable Google sheet for the purpose, please check it! and contribute if possible.